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Attention all parents! This year the League will be continuing the bottle & can fundraiser.


The bottle & can drive will be held on Opening Day, April 29th, and Saturday June 17th, the day before Father's Day during our League's Spring Tournament. 9am - Noon both days. All participants will pay an up front fee of $25 for buy-out purposes.

Due to the fact there is ample notice of this fundraiser, we are expecting all participants to turn in several bags of bottles and cans on both days. The reason for participating both days is to avoid going door to door.

You will receive your buy-out fee when your name has been verified to be on the list both days. 

We as a league have a huge advantage in that we have a few months of notice to set up and prepare for the event to be successful. I suggest you contact as many people as possible and spread the word. Contact your family and post to Facebook (& Like the event on the Rome Girls Softball Facebook page) letting people know that the event is coming up.


Bill Larkin